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Metabolic issues are often responsible for fatigue, chronic pain, and stubborn weight gain. LightWave Wellness in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, offers the help you need to manage your metabolic issues. At his practice, Marvin Lagstein, DMD, provides customized treatments, such as step-by-step nutrition and fitness plans to address the root cause of your symptoms and help restore your body's natural balance. They also offer nutritional supplement plans which turbo-charge your metabolism. To learn more about natural methods for boosting your metabolism, call LightWave Wellness today or book a consultation online.

Metabolic Disorders

What factors can affect my metabolism?

Conventional wisdom teaches that weight gain results from a lack of willpower. You may believe that you simply need to eat less to shed pounds, but metabolic issues are often responsible for unexpected weight gain. 

Eating less may not be enough to combat a slow metabolism. These issues need special medical care.

Your metabolism plays a powerful role in determining your weight. If your metabolism is sluggish, eating less often isn't enough to keep you at a healthy weight. You might gain weight even if you cut calories. If you cut too many calories, the body thinks you are starving and stores fat.

Holistic wellness plans can help you revamp your diet, eliminate toxins, and balance your hormones. LightWave Wellness offers personalized treatments to help you achieve your weight loss goals and improve your health.


How does my metabolism work?

Your metabolism is a complex physical process that controls your body weight. The most common symptom of a metabolic issue is the tendency to gain weight. 

Many people with sluggish metabolism seem to gain weight no matter what they eat. Others find it hard to lose weight even if they cut their calorie intake. 

When you have a sluggish metabolism, your body burns fewer calories than usual. Many people think that their metabolism is set in stone, but changing your diet and adding supplements can help give your metabolism a boost and encourage your body to burn more fat. 

Is cutting calories the only way to lose weight?

Calories aren't the only factors that affect your weight. Your body also needs plenty of nourishing food to achieve optimal health. Essential nutrients help balance your hormones, and the right nutrients also create a healthy gut biome and help clear up infections. 

Crash diets that restrict calories can sometimes be harmful to your health. These diets may not provide the nutrients your body needs and can wreak havoc on your metabolism, so it’s important to maintain a nourishing, well-rounded diet.

What treatments can help boost my metabolism?

LightWave Wellness can help you develop a balanced nutritional plan. Your customized plan helps purge your body of harmful materials like toxins and fungi. Removing these substances can boost your metabolism and promote weight loss.  

The right diet also encourages healthy function of your thyroid and hypothalamus glands. These glands help control your metabolism. When they're working the way they should, they give you energy and help your body burn fat. 

LightWave Wellness ensures that your nutritional plan provides all the nutrients you need.They have a nutrition supplement program which deals with hormones, Candida, thyroid, and stress, the things that slow down the metabolism. The practice also helps you create a fitness plan to build up your muscles, as higher muscle mass increases your metabolism.

Need help boosting your metabolism? Call LightWave Wellness today or book a consultation online.