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Working out can be exhausting and time-consuming, but LightWave Wellness in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, offers ARX fitness machines to shorten your workouts. These machines match the force of the user, so you always receive the workout that's right for you. There's no risk of injury from heavy weights or overexertion, and adaptive resistance helps you meet your fitness goals quickly and efficiently. With ARX, you can recover from injuries faster, build up your muscle mass, and boost your sports performance. Let Marvin Lagstein, DMD, build you a customized fitness plan. Call LightWave Wellness today or book a consultation online.


What is ARX?

ARX fitness machines use cutting-edge adaptive resistance technology. These machines respond to your body instantly, providing a customized workout each time. 

With ARX, you never have to guess which settings or weights to use. The machines match the amount of resistance you create, without ever exceeding your "safe zone." 

How can adaptive resistance exercise help me stay fit?

Working out with traditional machines or free weights can take hours, but adaptive resistance machines cut down on the amount of time you need to spend on your workouts. ARX provides a more efficient workout, helping you build muscle mass quickly.

ARX's computer-controlled algorithms also provide a convenient way to track your progress. There's no need to make manual calculations or use guesswork to choose the next step in your fitness plan. 

ARX software creates detailed charts to guide your wellness choices. Your ARX personalized reports can help you lose weight, build strength, and increase flexibility.

Is adaptive resistance safe for people with chronic health conditions?

If you have a chronic medical condition or past injury, you may be nervous about trying a new fitness plan. Many clients worry about health risks linked to free weights or fitness machines, but ARX's adaptive resistance technology helps prevent injuries and overexertion.

ARX software takes care of the calculations for you. Your machine automatically selects the correct resistance levels for your current condition. 

With ARX, there's no need for a spotter or personal trainer. You can safely oversee your own workouts, even if you're new to the world of fitness.

How can I interpret my ARX data?

ARX reports include easy-to-read graphs and simple instructional prompts. The LightWave Wellness team also reviews your reports regularly to ensure you’re receiving the best workout possible . 

At LightWave Wellness, you can also receive a personalized nutritional plan to enhance your fitness program. The practice also offers doctor-supervised fitness plans designed to meet all your wellness goals. 

Ready to learn more about the unique benefits of ARX? Call LightWave Wellness today or book a consultation online.